How To Add Virtual Desktop Screen / Space In Windows 7 With nSpaces [Tool]

If you feel that stuff is clogging up on your 17 inch laptop with a nice LED screen, well worry no more. Now you can create separate desktop screens or more easily ‘Spaces’ for your desired work. For example, classify a screen for work, another for browsing, and another for gaming and the list can go on.

nSpaces leads you to the comfort of separate and designated workplaces for different tasks.  These virtual desktops (as some call it) can be customized in terms of application usage and name labels. Users can full customize home screen by setting a personalized image and secure it with a password.

Added usable features include hot keys for switching screen back and forth as well as a quick switch. Lastly users can drag and drop applications into these spaces at any time. And security is further added prompting for password once switch is done to any desired screen. Finally, a great usable, handy tool which adds space to your Windows home screen environment.

nSpaces is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 bit and 7 32 bit. 

Download nSpaces

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