Thursday, September 24, 2020

How And Where Smartphones Are Lost, $30 Billion Lost In 2012 [Infographic]

Not long ago, we shared a graphic which highlights some of the concerns about smartphones and what they can reveal about us. Indeed, another infographic dedicated to one of the most precious devices in many of our lives. Personal in nature, this companion is capable of doing way more than just placing a call or sending a SMS, if so. Moreover, email, banking, online purchases, business apps and the list keeps on going on. A quick tap would take you towards the certain task required to perform. Prices vary for these devices as well and for an average person it might not be one of the purchases he or she could do more frequently.

Losing a smartphone can bring ones life upside down, at-least for a day. Hard to believe, each day $7 million worth of phones are lost globally. Losing is the device is one factor, yet all the data and information going viral is another big one. Lookout, A mobile security firm claims that nearly $30 billion worth devices would be lost in the States alone this year. (2012). Have a look at the facts and figure. And start thinking about overcoming this huge issue.

Courtesy of: Background Check Blog

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