How To Change Host in Google Meet

In this article, we will look at steps on how to change host in Google Meet for a meeting or event. It can be identified as a good practice because it will give control to the new host for better call management. Before we jump into the steps – there are some ‼️important items to consider and note.

change host in google meet calendar
Options view – Google Calendar

How To Change Host in Google Meet?

To change the host in Google Meet from a desktop browser (PC or Mac).

  1. From Google Calendar, select the item/meeting
  2. Click three dots/options from the meeting screen
  3. Select Change Owner
  4. Type the name/email address of the person whose going to be the new host in the New Owner field
  5. Select the name from the name field
  6. Click Change Owner

❌You cannot change the host in Google Meet and Calendar on smartphones including Android and iOS.

change owner change host on google meet
Google Calendar – Change owner screen

The meeting ownership will come into effect once the new potential owner accepts the transfer. An email will go out to the attendee with a link to accept the ownership. Once the transfer process is complete, the new owner has full control over the meeting. This enables host management options which will allow you to restrict what participants can do in the meeting. This includes sharing screens, sending chat messages, microphones and video controls.

Keep in mind, you cannot change host in Google Meet during an active meeting. A quick workaround for that is to create a new Google Calendar invite with Google Meet and then change the owner of that. It’s fine when you have few attendees but can become a problem when you have a lot. You can change the host in Google meet regardless of your Google workspace edition. Though co-hosts can only be added on certain workspace editions. You can see the full list of supported workspace editions here.

Lastly, you cannot change host in Google Meet to someone without a Google Account. A Google account is required to sign up for any Google Apps.

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