Tuesday, July 14, 2020

How To Set Different System Date For Each Program In Beta Expiry

Software is in beta version and is soon to expire because of their set expiry date. And of course, after that you wont be able to use it. The quick fix of changing date comes in to rescue. But keeping in mind, when system date is changed, everything changes. Changing system date can cause other software not to function properly, file saving can become an issue and after all all the dates would change for files and folders.

Moving on, RunAsTime is an easy fix which allows you to specify date for applications separately. How it does that? Simple!. You specify the application and date. This tool then injects the time internally in the application or software you are trying to run. This injection causes the application to accept that this modified time and date is your system date. In real time, it hasn’t even touched your system date.You can run multiple applications at the same time with modified time and date.

The tool supports number of different languages and only works for 32 bit operating systems. Keeping in mind that this wont unlock your programs or trial periods for different softwares. It would work for applications depending on their nature and mostly in beta versions with expiry date.

Download RunAsTime

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