Huemint – That Awsome AI Color Palette Generator

We are always been on the lookout for new awesome apps, be it mobile or web. With machine learning gaining traction, a lot of new AI apps are surfacing across the web. In this article, we are sharing Huemint. This will become one of the favourites and we will get to the ‘why’ shortly. Huemint like all ai color palette apps uses machine learning to generate colors for design needs. The feature where this app has an edge over others is the ability to generate colors based on how they will be used in the design.

huemint ai color palette generator

Huemint understands which colors are meant to be for which purpose i.e. what needs to go to background, foreground and accents. App landing is very pleasing with a single graphic and click-to-action button. Once you are in, observe the four colors on the top right header and click generate to create color palettes. Scroll through the page to review the color usage. Decision-making becomes super easy with a quick preview.

On the left column, you will observe sections such as brand, website, gradient, illustration, and bootstrap. You can also upload an image to extract colors. (have a look at our article about creating palettes from images). Available presets can be reviewed via the gear icon on the top navigation. The below image is an example of generated color palette for a magazine layout.

ai color palette generator

Curious about how the Huemint AI model works to generate an AI color palette, head over to the about page.

Access Huemint to create AI Color Palettes

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