Infidelity Spy Is An Interesting Android App To Log All Activities On Your Phone

Infidelity Spy is the most curious application of Android. It can be categorized as socially designed software. How can be a mobile technology helpful in communal intrigues? Very economical and very petite in size, it is a must to be in your Android application. Whenever the phone will be on spy mode, don’t worry no one will come to know as if any function is continued on the device. This tool will follow all the functions being operated on your cell phone. Be it a call, a message or a video, it will automatically log on to your account and start saving all the activity there. Keeping all the disloyal operations in the backup can ensure your device proper usage and complete security.

Infidelity Spy

It is another fact that no one will notice the back end data collection. It is being informed that the upcoming versions of the software will include an automatically generated SMS reply with the help of which the user will be located. Whenever the device will get connected to internet the intended calls can be recorded and saved online. Same goes for camera recordings. And all this can be done by even clicking the option of “record audio” or “record audio” respectively. This is not the end; the new versions will definitely be more promising and alluring for you. Wait and watch!

Infidelity Spy Android app is available for only $1.99.




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  1. Very nice indeed. A friend is already getting results…
    Don’t know how legal this app might be..

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