Jailbreak And Get Free Apps for iOS 4.3.3 & Earlier [WT Guide]

Jailbreak And Get Free Apps for iOS 4.3.3 & Earlier [WT Guide]

All those waiting for the laziest of all the jailbreaks may rejoice. With this Wow Techy guide, you will be able to master the skills of jailbreaking your lovely iOS device in no time. Infact, we will also show you how to make your device the safest of all the current iOS devices. So, here it goes.

First thing, if you have an iPhone 3G then you might have to resort to other ways of jailbreaking as this guide won’t be able to help you. Then again, there are tons of methods readily available online to jailbreak iPhone 3G. To get your search started, you should google Pawnage Tools and Quick Pawn.

1. Cydia Installation

Jailbreak And Get Free Apps for iOS 4.3.3 & Earlier [WT Guide]For the rest of the readers,  you start by giving your iOS device a smooch on the front to show some love and then open Safari. Go to Jailbreakme.com. Install Cydia from jailbreakme.com and let this amazing site do the work for you. Within a minute or so, your iPhone/ iTouch/ iPad 2 will be jailbroken! (If for any reason you run into any trouble have a look at this DFU recovery guide )

2. Installous 4 Installation for Getting Free Apps

Jailbreak And Get Free Apps for iOS 4.3.3 & Earlier [WT Guide]Now that you have done that,  open the newly installed Cydia and from its bottom tabs and click on Manage. Tap “Sources”, and then click on the “Edit” button on the top left of the screen. Right away, a “+” sign will appear on the top right corner, click on that. “+” will allow you to manually add a repositary source. Enter this “” and Tap enter. The program might give you some warning right after you add this souce, just ignore that.

Now tap the Search tab at the bottom and search for “Installous” . Your search should show up with Installous 4, Install it by tapping on it and confirming the installation on the following screen.

3. Patch Installation to make your iOS super secure

Basically, your iPhone (or any other iOS device) was jailbroken using a security hole in the iOS firmware. So the final step involves patching this vulnaribility. We do this by searching for “PDF Patcher 2” in Cydia. Install and you have just patched the security hole, making your device one of the safest in the market considering even Apple hasn’t released a patch to fix this hole yet.

4. Result- Reaping the Fruits

You have been patiently following all the steps and jailbroke your device, give it another smooch for being such a good sport and letting you breeze through the installation without a hitch. Finally, open the newly installed Installous on your device and get browsing for free Apps!

We tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible so that you can jailbreak and get started right away with new free Apps downloads. Share this and tell your friends, with this guide, even a monkey could Jailbreak his Bannana skinned iPhone 4.

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