Maven Web Browser For iOS With Download Manager / Advanced Controls

I have been looking for a satisfying mobile browsing iPhone app for a while now and this has definitely set a higher bar for all of my future iOS browser reviews. It has everything that you would want from a mobile browser and then more features that you probably didn’t expect your mobile browser could have. I call it super browser but you can download it as Maven Web Browser from the Apple app store for the ultimate price of $0.00!!!

Maven Web Browser For iOS With Download Manager / Advanced Controls

When you open Maven you will notice the tabs at the bottom, and there is no limit to how many you can have open at a time. Tabs can be accessed by tapping on them or by sliding two fingers to the right or left depending on which tab you want to open. All of the significant features of this browser deserve a proper mention here. The trackpad feature is a very new addition. Once enabled, you see a translucent red trackpad which looks very similar to the trackpads found on IBM laptops. It’s not intrusive in viewing the web content yet perfect for our lazy-fingered WT readers who have grown tired of excessive finger flicking while scrolling through their favorite blogs. Simply use this tiny joystick and move anywhere you want. When it comes to our smartphones, we all know that viewing space is a commodity and the more the better. Maven offers full-screen browsing with a single tap on the bottom left corner of the browser. Your iPhone screen would have never looked so big.

Guys and lads, we have successfully infused the ability to have Chrome’s Incognito feature and Mozilla’s Private Browsing feature into Maven as well. Simply tap the button on the left side of the address bar and the button will turn red, indicating Private browsing activation. Maven’s Private Browsing feature will make your web surfing really secure and private. You can surf without leaving any traces. Just close the browser, and Maven will erase the entire session info.


The most unique mobile feature I have ever seen is a Maven creation. You will love the way it lets you access your favorite web pages. Simply slide out one of the two toggle dials (looks like a toggle dial on an SLR professional camera) and rotate it to your favorite bookmark without lifting your finger off the screen. That’s it. easy, convenient and right there when you need it. The second dial lets you put your screen brightness up or down the same way. It’s a very neat feature and I can assure you, once you have seen this feature alone, you will be recommending it to all of your friends. Or maybe you will brag about having the best browser ever!


Did I mention that it has a Readability feature which can be used at your convenience whenever you feel like you are having trouble reading something online as most of the web pages are formatted for desktop viewing? Simply toggle to the Readability and it will format the whole page for e-reader style reading. Not only all of this, but Maven also handles the videos natively as well so you don’t have to switch between safari and Maven


Maven is a must-have for all WT readers. So try it for free and let us know how was your experience.

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  1. I did some research and there doesn’t seem to be a way to import export bookmarks from Maven . I will write a post today for you that will help you, an alternative to your problem. Make sure to check.
    Hope it will be useful.

  2. When you have your iPad or iPhone connected to your computer, in iTunes go to your apps, find the maven app at the bottom of apps you can transfer files to.  I should say you must export your bookmarks from Safari first to your desktop.
    Add this file to your Maven app.  Open your  Maven app on your iPad and then go to settings, there should be an area where you can import that bookmark file (it will be an html file) select it and import it.  It takes about 40 seconds so be patient, depending on how many bookmarks you are trying to import.

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