Meet Time Warner’s First Live TV iPad App That Is Totally Free !

Time Warner Cable said late Monday that they are to launch first live TV iPad app. Time Warner claims that it would be the first known TV provider to provide an iPad app with live TV streaming. 30 standard cable TV channels can be watched in HD. COO Rob Marcus told the AP that the app will work as long as it’s on a Wi-Fi router linked to the cable modem but in future they will grow to include channels from more expensive tiers.

Time Warner 's Free Live TV iPad App

What’s exciting about the app is that it will drop the box navigation but will let subscribers watch without needing extra wiring or a second TV; this feature is contrary to what Time Warner, Comsat and others have offered till now by mainly focusing only on remote control and DVR scheduling. The app while a milestone for the industry, the app will also imitate Time Warner’s conservative attitude towards digital media, as it always be resolute that online video should not be a replacement for users and just be an additional benefit. It discouraged online video use and use to attack Netflix who has given users unlimited streaming access to more recent movies and TV shows.

Time Warner anticipates the app freely available for iPad through the App Store on today – Tuesday, March 15 2011, but nothing has been declared about Android version yet.




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  1. “Time Warner claims that it would be the first known TV provider to provide an iPad app with live TV streaming…” Of course Time Warner Cable would like to have been first, but they were not. While Time Warner Cable was running into issues with making an iPad app, DISH Network was already streaming LIVE TV to its customers already. I am a DISH Network customer and employee, and I can say that I have had the ability to stream for the longest time. Not only can I stream MORE channels than Time Warners 30 or so, I can also stream anywhere in the world that I can get 3G on my iPad, unlike Time Warner’s app in which you have to be connected to your home network on internet that is provided by them. No, that is NOT TV Everywhere with Time Warner.

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