Saturday, August 8, 2020

Best Music Streaming / Sharing Online Service / Tool [WT Picks]

best-streaming-radio-online-tool-wow[1]Youtube might be the choice of many even for events such as listening music!. Streaming being the main concept behind it all, there are some great online streaming and sharing web services. In this article we will mention some of the best available radio and music streaming / sharing online tool. We are not going to rank them yet we will point out the best. (which we have selected out of many). offers a distinct library of music and sharing. Radios can be customized on everyone’s choice (based on sharing service). On the other hand, it does keep an eye on its users behaviour on the web service. Further on, information is shared with third party sources such as genre interest shared with record labels. Overall, its a free service which leaves no room for anything else. Users can listen to music, create groups, and share their music taste around.



Pandora is another free web based music streaming service with an intensive music library which becomes a great tool when listening to new music based on any category. On the contrary, once a song is being played, one can’t go back to the previous played track. Its a great tool to create personalized music radio stations based on different genres. Discover new music, free of cost!



Slacker Radio is another great online music streaming player which lets you stream music plus customized radio stations. The service comes in two modes, with ads and with-out ads. Part of the service works in a way that programmed playlists are created based on different categories by the staff DJs. Different profile options are available i.e. favorites, ban (like / dislike), customization etc..


image96Grooveshark has a solution to keep music listeners alive and running. It is a free online service where you can search and listen via a web based player or control wise ‘a jukebox’. All the artists featured on this service do get paid. This royalty concept makes it even stronger and bolder. It is based on all the major music discovery / location tools. User options include tagging, messaging, apps for MySpace, Facebook, iPhone, search bar and more.

These four were our best selected. Feel free to add more in the comment box (or via contact page) and we will be more than happy to review it and ad it to the list if applicable.

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