Plain Text Diagram Generator Called ASCII Flow

plain text diagram generator

Creating Flowchart diagrams in Visio is a bit tricky, and time-consuming since it’s a full-fledge software which gives you somewhat unlimited control over your projects. Ascii Flow is a free plain text diagram generator web app which helps you out if you’re not getting along with Visio. This simple tool is easy to use and is completely text-based; which makes it function less complicated.

Internal tools available are the select tool, click and drag tool, arrow, line, text and eraser tool. Rows and columns can be added to acquire more space and undo /redo shortcuts work like a charm on this web-based app. Work can be exported as simple text or HTML. Get to Ascii flow legacy to see how the tool has evolved.

Plain Text Diagram Generator Called ASCII Flow

The newer version is a nice leap from the previous one, yet it serves the same purpose. It’s more intuitive with both light and dark themes, a simplified menu and widescreen utility. Click and Drag to create free-form characters. Press the alt key for the shortcuts to emerge. There are different comment types available while exporting your drawing. A must-try!

For drawing diagrams It might not be the recommended app but definitely, a great tool which can be utilized for a unique purpose. A great fit for engineers and designers looking for text path-generated diagrams and images.

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