Quick Access In Windows To Files / Applications / Web With Launchy

Looking for a tool just like Google instant for your personal computer as well as the web?! Try Launchy and you will forget Windows start menu! No need to navigate to program, have this widget on your screen and gain quick access to your documents, files, folders, bookmarks, applications and more. And you gain all this,  in a matter of few keystrokes.


Launchy options can be accessed by doing a right click on the widget itself and hit options!. We can see five tabs including general, skins, catalog, plugins and about tab.


There are number of different skins available for launchy, which can be accessed by going into Launchy options. Skins can be selected and a preview can be seen at the same time. /  access skins


Plugins gives you control over launchy as a number of third party plugins are available for this tool. Plugins are available to open chat windows from Live messenger, kill running tasks, launch advanced calculator, system power options, search windows titles, web and much more. / access plugins



A great free tool for Windows customization and quick access to all your files, folders, applications and web access.

Download Keystroke Launcher


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