Record / Play Streaming Radio With TuneIn Radio For iPhone

We all enjoy listening to our favourite radio stations but there is always that one song that is playing on the radio and you can’t figure out the name of the song so you can download or get it from iTunes. Previously, we reviewed some of the best available streaming radio apps for iPhone, but they did lack the capability to record. Well worry no more my friends TuneIn Radio (RadioTime) to the rescue.

I would say TuneIn is a must have iphone app. Now you can listen to thousands of radio stations from all over the world. This isn’t the best part tho, TuneIn also let’s u record or pause and even rewind live radio. One touch radio station recordings is a breeze with TuneIn Radio. You can search for local stations with the help of your device GPS or you can just search a keyword or even a song name. You are bound to find your song playing atleast somewhere in the world which you can stream sitting at home while having a cup of coffee.

TuneIn always shows the station stream rate which is basically the quality of the station. The higher the stream rate the better the quality. So the only tip for optimal music experience on this nifty app is download atleast 128kbps.