Record And Post Audio On Your PostBin Profile With SpeakBin Free Android App

SpeakBin Free Android AppThere are a lot of Free Android apps in the market, when you come a long a lot of them, it becomes tough to buy most appropriate one. But when it comes to free apps, you can go to try each one. SpeakBin is yet another pretty and cool Android app that allows you to record (speak) the fun and to listen to other speaks at SpeakBin. By registering to SpeakBin you are able to subscribe to your friends, leave comments on other speaks, send messages and rate other speaks as well.



Top features offered by SpeakBin:

-Free to use

-Post and share your voice (speak) with other people on net

-Post your speaks anonymously if you don’t want to make an account/register

-Ability to upload and link directly your recording (speak) to social networking sites like Facebook, Tweeter etc

-Say something that you just can’t capture with text

Download it from HERE .




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  1. a real easy way for iphone users is to download the free app Microcast, it lets you record and post audio to facebook and twiiter!

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