Remove Items / Run Commands From Right Click File Menu In Windows


Looking for a utility to manage your files! As we all know that buying machines from vendors is not the bet option always. Why? because it comes with a lot of software and utilities within Windows which are unusable and unbearable. This article is about a free tool namely, File Menu Tools. What it does is simply gives you the full option to manage your file menus. One can easily edit pull down menus and function icons. Keeping in mind you have to run as a administrator because this tool like many other makes changes to your Windows registry.

Simply choose a menu and by using the actions function list, add items such as commands, submenus, and / or separators. Menu items can be deleted and moved around by doing simple clicks. One of the strongest outcomes of this tool is the feature of adding commands It is a power function and gives advanced users options to add in new commands. No doubt, this tool is one of the high end available utilities for free. It’s an easy to learn tool which lets you control your file menus in windows explorer. This tool works for all available platforms of Windows.

 Download File Menu Tools

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