Remove / Uninstall Stock Apps From Desire HD


A senior member at XDA (l1nuxfre4k) previewed a way of removing stock system apps which come in as default, once you buy your HTC desire HD.  Before we get into the steps shared, its necessary that you root your phone. To root your device, download VISIONary app from the Market. Its available for free.  Launch the app after installation and select “RUN ON BOOT” option if you want your Desire HD to stay rooted, no matter anytime you reboot your device.(QR Code for VISIONary is provided).

1. Once your Desire HD is rooted, install Titanium Backup (QR provided).
2. Run Titanium Backup app, tap on ‘Problems?’
3. Accept to download BusyBox
4. Keep your fingers pressed on the app to be removed
5. Select Force Remove App from the options
6. Done!

Again, this works only for rooted devices ? why? titanium works for rooted devices !

Remove / Uninstall Stock Apps From Desire HD
Remove / Uninstall Stock Apps From Desire HD
Titanium Backup QR

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