Should You Buy An iPhone 4 Or Wait For iPhone 5 [WT Advice]

Should You Buy An iPhone 4 Or Wait For iPhone 5 [WT Advice]

Apple and secrets are like a bee guarding honey. They love keeping secrets and creating a sense of mystery and magic about there products. So when you ask me whether you should buy an iPhone 4, I have to give the best educated assumption. The iPhone 5 will definitely have a sleeker design and at least be thinner than it’s predecessors. It will be resemble more to a iTouch 4G than iPhone 4.  Every Apple product from MacBook air to iPod Shuffle is geared towards been smaller and sleeker especially when a new model comes out, so iPhone 5 will be no exception.

Hardware wise, it will be similar to the iPhone 4 with a few upgrades. Some of the obvious upgrades will include, faster processors, most likely carry the A5 chip used in the new iPad 2. This would make the iPhone 5 one of the fastest phones around in the consumer market. An upgraded RAM, in my opinion 1GB should do it. This would also keep alive the tradition of Apple doubling its device’s speed with every upgrade.. I am hoping this years would be the year that Apple finally introduces the well awaited 1080p recording capability into the iPhone 5 along with the same seamless editing features we have enjoyed from iMovie for iOS in the past.

Facetime, video chat, on cellular networks will be another news for the iPhone 5. Currently this capability is only available for use in Wi-Fi.There are already several apps that let you do this, notably Vlingo and Fring along with Skype now. Apple definitely needs to catch up and iPhone 5 might just do it this summer. iOS 5 has already been announced with several amazing features like Blackberry’s BBM style  iMessage, pull down notification screen along with several neat aditions  for  iOS devices, not only iPhones.

Should You Buy An iPhone 4 Or Wait For iPhone 5 [WT Advice]

The newer phone will most definitely be a global phone as Apple had to roll out several different models of the iPhone 4 so that companies like Bell and Verizon can take advantage. Why not change all of that to one device and have the bragging rights along with it. See, it sounds like some thing Apple would do. Some rumors even say that Apple might be coming out with a more affordable iPhone 4S along with the iPhone 5 release.Apple will most likely change the design and use some other form of material for there phones due to thousands of complaints. We all remember the so called “antenna gate” and how Apple ended up giving free cases to iPhone 4 users. However, Apple never agreed to having this problem and people assumed that giving away the cases shows Apple was guilty. Apple obviously knows how it was being percieved in the public so there is bound to be a design change in the antenna placement of the iPhone 5.
Wifi hotspots capability was also announced in iOS 5, so it’s a definite “yes” for iPhone 5 along with better unlimited and other data plans. I say better plans because Apple has always been able to negotiate with the big companies and hopefully this time it means giving ultimate data packages to it’s customers. Companies know Apple products sell themself! Hence, Apple has lots of companies looking to bargain and carry the iPhone 5. Apple we hope you come through on this end!Lastly, there is always this one big surprise feature that Apple always has under super duper wraps. No one is able to guess or speculat this “Big” feture. So that’s something to look forward to. Let’s see what Santa has in store for us this year. iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in August and here at WT we would definitely write a proper review as soon as we get our hands on one. So to the question of “whether you should buy an iPhone 4 right now” , your friends at WowTechy’ say you stick to your old phone partner and wait just a while longer to get your hands on the sexiest of all the iPhones.


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  1. What would be the price range of I phone 5
    Is there any difference,made in Canada or China??

  2. The price structure should be similar to what Apple has been following till now. The iPhone 4 will be dripped from $299 to $199 with three year contract while iPhone 5 will be $299 with three year contract.

    All iPhones are made by apple from around the world. Most parts are usually from china and assembly is in china too. So when you buy, you don’t need to worry about where it’s made.
    I hope this helps.

    Regards, your friendly WT Writers

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