Skee Hoops A Unity 3D Game For Android and iPhone Users

Skee Hoops is released by Hairy Monster Studios, their latest game made exclusively for the iPad (Android OS 2.x or later). The game is made with elegant graphics and the Ageia PhysX engine, one of the most advanced physics engine for Android. Skee Hoops is not just another arcade game, it’s a twist combining Skee-Ball with the classic basketball shooting games. To play Skee Hoops you need to flick your fingers to roll the ball up the pathway into one of five hoops racking up points. When you proceed in the game unique and entertaining bonus levels unlock, such as COW, Rainbow Jumpers and We’ve Got Spirit and Bombs Away. The ball rolls, bounces and interacts with its environment in a realistic and pragmatic manner.

The Skee Hoops features:

-3D graphics with advanced physics

– Facebook integration

-Local and Global leader boards; global leader boards feature all-time, last week and last 24 hour high score tracking

-Three modes of play includes: In the Bonus, Old School and Three Point Shootout

Device Requirements:
-Compatible with iPad
-Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later
-17.2 MB

Skee Hoops is not available on the Android Market.



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