Stream – Multitask With YouTube Popup Player And Playlist

In this article, we are sharing a YouTube popup player which solves a specific problem for Android users. What is the problem? before we get into that. Let’s start with a quick snippet on YouTube and us.

YouTube is a part of our smart lives in today’s world. We end up going in somewhat excursions by browsing for hours on smart devices. In this whole process of 10 minutes to an hour or more; there are tons of videos we would like to share, download or play again by creating a playlist. Another great use is to have YouTube running in the background and have a continuous YouTube playback of defined playlists. And even so, it could be a YouTube popup player which enables you to multitask.

Unfortunately, Google Policies don’t allow that; which is understandable from that perspective. Previously we reviewed PV Star; an app which allowed users to play YouTube in the background with continuous and repeat options. This app has been taken off from the Play Store because of not having compliance with Google Policies. NextVid was a similar case as of PvStar and has been removed from Play Store.

stream continuous youtube

Stream – YouTube Popup Player

Moving on – we have a solution. Wait; not for the background playback but for having a pop-up YouTube player which will allow you to browse other apps while playing videos on a small pop-up screen.┬áStream; also known as free music for YouTube is a free music player available in Play Store. This app will give users access to all YouTube content. How does it fit in the continuous playback aspect? It can be used as a popup player which floats on screen regardless of what app is being used.

youtube in background

Stream focuses more on music by allowing users to browser daily top chart songs, and radios based on YouTube videos based on user activity. While browsing users can easily add videos to the playlist with a single tap. This becomes very helpful when playlist creation involves a lot of searches and ads. This app allows users to set up widgets on the home screen. Direct access to favourites, top chart songs, and recently viewed videos.

youtube popup player android

Users can create their own playlists by simply tapping on the songs while performing a search. Playlists can be re-ordered by drag and drop. Existing playlists can be imported into Stream from the existing YouTube account. This becomes a plus point for heavy YouTube users. Furthermore, the availability of themes allows users to personalize the app. The sleep timer feature is neat in case you are using a smart device as a full-on smart YouTube player.

To reiterate; this app does not allow users to play YouTube in the background and/or lock-screen. But it does allow users to play continuous YouTube while doing other tasks on the smart device. This youtube popup player has millions of downloads from the Google Play Store. Do read user reviews and policies as you proceed to try out the app.

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