Monday, November 11, 2019

Create YouTube Playlists With Continuous \ Repeat \ Background \ Playback And Video Cache For Android

PV Star has been removed from Play Store because of YouTube Policies. 

For all of us, YouTube is one of our routine tasks. We browse, watch clips and listen to songs on this huge network. Mobile application of YouTube is quite limited when it comes to playlists, search options and advanced controls. In most devices, users are unable to run YouTube in the background without any video or furthermore creating playlists for watching and listening purposes. YouTube Music Player developed by PVSTAR is worth downloading and giving a try.

What PV Star does?

It allows users to create playlists, loop, shuffle, adjust sleep time and run clips in the background while performing other tasks on Android smartphone. Apart from creating playlists and setting different playback modes, users can tweet videos, change display of screen video while playback, four video quality modes, video cache, and status bar notification. Get into the settings menu to control search, viewing, and social account setups.

image image

Continuous video playback list is displayed when you tap the play button in the lower-left corner. Simply select videos by long tap and selected videos will be played once play button is tapped. Loop playback can be set by selecting Loop Setup from the menu. Similarly select Shuffle Setup by getting into the menu. It will shuffle selected playlist. Once home button is tapped, playback automatically shifts to background.

image image

PVSTAR+ is unique and useful in its own way. It allows users to search videos, create playlists, and share with advanced playback options. Another great feature of this app is video cache mode. Users can set cache capacity from the settings menu so that the videos which have been played previously or are present in cache memory, can be played again easily without streaming or buffering.

Get the paid version to go ad free. Overall a great app and does what it says. It is gaining popularity in Google Play Market based on its performance and neatness. Give it a try and don’t forget to share / comment. We successfully tested this app on Galaxy Note, Nexus S and GalaxyNexus.

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