Best Must Have Streaming Radio Apps For iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4G

Everyday we see new apps coming out in the iPhone App store yet most of them are useless or do not have what we are looking for. We cant help you solve all of your iPhone app worries but will definitely tell you the must have apps for multimedia related activities. Today’s section is devoted to streaming radio stations.

Slacker Radio

mzl.sskbrjlo.320x480-75mzl.zcxtqamq.320x480-75This free app not only provides you with endless hours of music but it does it in one of the best sound qualities possible. This is unlike your traditional clock radio with radio hosts. Instead, you get full songs with the ability to skip them up to 6 times on free version and unlimited on an upgrade. Although, I can assure you that most of us are happy with the free version.

Awesome music experience with uncompromised sound quality, got to be slacker! One of my favorite things about Slacker is the fact that it has two comedy stations, Explicit and Family friendly. Its one of the things I have not found in any other iPhone apps with the exception of Sirius XM paid subscription. You can also make artist based stations or listen to a specific the genre. There are tons of easy accessible options.

mzl.xaiflzcw.320x480-75Slacker Tip: To reset the number of skips left, just switch to any other radio for a few seconds and then back to your original station. This will give you unlimited skips. Restarting the app also works but takes a bit longer.

Advertisement haters alert: Every five or seven songs there is a 20 to 30 sec advertisement which I hardly ever notice and is nothing compared to the exceptional music collection at Slacker.

Wunder Radio


What a bummer that our iPhones don’t have a radio tuner unlike the Nokia phones but no worry comrads, we have Wunder Radio to the rescue. Slacker is more of an iPod kind of approach towards music where as sometimes you just have to listen to news or got to know where the hip parties are happening in Toronto. Wunder Radio lets you locate your local radio stations as well as international ones. Just type in the city or an artist or even the name of a radio station and that’s it. My search for 99.9 Virgin radio returned results from not only Toronto but from Vancouver and UK as well.

So there you have it, our choice of Radio apps. Let us know about your smartphone radio experience in the comments below.

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  1. I am definitely a radio person and I must give you props for this well put together piece. Tried Slacker Radio and you’re right it’s awesome with exceptional sound quality. Gonna look forward to your future posts!

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