Stuxnet Computer Virus: Its Anatomy And Power Explained

It’s hard to imagine what kind of impact malware can have on an organization, but the Stuxnet virus is one of the most destructive examples of that. That’s right; the Stuxnet computer worm was used as a weapon against Iran’s nuclear program in 2010. By spreading quickly and covertly, it not only crippled Iran’s nuclear energy sector but also sabotaged its uranium enrichment program. In other words, it was a cyber war tactic straight out of fiction: The United States used malware as the world’s first digital weapon against another country.

In this article, we share a video infographic which explains the anatomy of a computer virus and its overall power to make things go completely wrong. This one talks about Stuxnet, a virus so powerful! What was its target?? The centrifuges that spin nuclear material in Iran’s Nuclear Plants!!! Unimaginable and destructive for sure. It was going to do so by showing that all is running fine on the monitors, yet at the back increased pressure in the reactors! Have a look.


Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

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