Top 10 Best Must Have Windows Phone 7 Photo Apps

All you Windows Phone 7 lovers out there!. Be it basic cropping of pictures, or adding effects on the top of them, or simply sharing them via different social networks, all of these apps have something intuitive in their development. Here is our list of top 10 must-have photo apps for Windows Phone 7. (till now).


imagePersonalize your pictures with this FotoChop for Windows Phone 7. The app comes in with fun stickers and you can scale, rotate and move them by simple touches.


Depth Of Field 7

imageDepth Of Field 7, is a great app for users who spend a lot of time taking pictures. Key features include f-stop, focal length, f-stop scales, arbitrary distance, calculation engine, extensive camera wizard for finding out camera’s c.o.c values and more.



imageZtitch allows WP7 users to create scenes in panoramic 3D environment. Place photos in the 3D space, pinch to adjust filed of view, and create panoramic pictures. Simple drag & drop lets you quickly add pictures to the 3D space.


Little Life

imageOrganize your pictures on your Windows Phone 7 with Little Life. Add information to your pictures, such as location and time, and more. Share pictures with your family and friends by creating a specific hub.




imageUser your fingers to draw or write with Pencilio for Windows Phone 7. It comes in with different stroke sizes and hardness. More features include undo, redo, eraser and saving sketches for easy sharing.


Photo Magic

imagePhoto Magic, is a great WP7 app to enhances pictures on your WP7 device. You don’t need to set any parameters, Photo Magic will do it all for you. Convert your pictures using effects like cartoon, movie, paint, pencil, sepia and more. Further more, you can share your saved pictures on different social networks.


Thumba Photo Editor

imageThumba Photo Editor, a WP7 photo app which is full integrated with Pictures Hub, comes in with 40 different adjustments and effects. You can resize, crop, rotate, flip, mirror, and add color borders on the top of these effects.



imageColorize for WP7 converts an image to black & white and then you can make a color selection and brush with your finger trip. Zooming in, lets you change the smallest details possible. Save your pictures as projects to work on them later on.



imagePicFx, is another effects tool for Windows Phone 7. This free toll lets you easily transform your pictures with four different effects. Load a picture, select an effect and save it. Simple and to the point!



Pictures Lab

imagePictures Lab, is rated the best WP7 photo app by many users. It comes with more than 20 adjustable, and advanced effects for quick picture editing. Pictures can be cropped, rotated and much more for final tweaks.


This was our list from the photo apps currently available in WIndows Market Place. Feel free to add in the comment box if we have missed any!.

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