Friday, November 15, 2019

Top 3 Must Have Open Source Windows Free Video / Media Tools

Open sourcing is awesomeness at times. Free of cost and best performance can be a great package one can keep on looking for! In this article we are to share and review some of the great free media tools for Windows available in software market.

VideoLAN – VLC Media Player

imageStill ranked as the best one by millions of users. VLC simple, powerful and fast. Key features ‘would play anything, everything for you’, meaning it would play all files, discs, devices and streaming media. No codec packs are needed to run VLC, it is packed with almost all famous codecs. Being completely free means adware, yet VLC is completely free from ads, spyware and moreover user tracking as well. It works on all platforms including Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. Skins and extensions become another way to customize your media player. VLC is definately the way to go and is ranked as the ‘best Mpeg2, x264 and DivX player’.

Download VLC Media Player

Virtual Dub


Virtual Dub is a free open source video capturing and processing utility for all Windows platforms. It is created for fast linear video operations. It does lack the general editing power such as the famous Adobe Premiere Pro, but consists of features which makes it more linear i.e. batch processing capabilities with the extension of third party filters. It mainly moves toward AVI files but can read MPEG-1 and bitmap images. It helps you get video and process it with fast compression ratios.

Download Virtual Dub

Format Factory


Format Factory is a great free multifunctional media converter which provides a number of audio and video conversions. Users can repair damage audio and video files, with control over the file size. It also supports devices such as iPhone and iPod. Picture conversion is another great feature of FF, with zoom, rotate, flip and tags support. Format Factory currently supports 56 languages and works on all Windows platforms.

Download Format Factory

Try out these great free applications and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

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