Top Google Drive Tips to Level Up Productivity

Google Drive is a file storage and syncing service by Google. However, this software is much more than just a cloud-based storage and synchronization tool. It is a crucial component of a complete, collaborative office suite. Drive lets you back up information on your PC as well as save your documents and work that you produce online.

What’s great about this service is that each Google account comes with 15GB of free storage. But utilizing the full capabilities of this app is not simple. This is why we are here with the most crucial tips and tricks that you need to know to boost your productivity with Google Drive.

Best Google Drive Tips & Tricks

Google Drive’s online storage service is a very capable data storage and syncing tool on its own. However, you’ll be amazed at what it is capable of when you try these tips.

top google drive tips

1. Create Shortcuts for Simpler Access

Google Drive now allows you to create shortcuts to quickly access your files and folders. We often store the same file in multiple folders for various reasons, however, this takes up space. By using a shortcut you can create a link to the original file and add it wherever you would like to as many times as you want to without having to fret about space. 

To create a shortcut in Google Drive:

  1. Go to Google Drive in your browser.
  2. Right-click the file or folder where you want to create the shortcut.
  3. Click Add shortcut to Drive.
  4. Select the location where you want to add the shortcut.
  5. Click Add shortcut.

2. Organize your Google Drive Folders by Color

When it comes to folders, it’s helpful to keep them in order, but sometimes you just want your eye drawn to the most frequently used folders based on color. Google Drive offers a wide range of colors to choose from. To change the color, just right-click any folder in your drive and select “Change Color” to get the color menu, then select your desired color. 

top google drive tips colors

3. Use Google Drive for Desktop

Your GDrive projects sync across devices, so you can start them on your PC and continue them on your phone, tablet, or laptop. In addition, it supports any kind of document, not just native Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

To use Google Drive across devices just install Drive for Desktop on your PC to automatically back up files from your computer. The desktop app allows you to pick folders to sync automatically.

Google Drive tips desktop

4. Convert files you Upload to Google Drive

Google allows you to convert your files and even PDFs to Google docs and other editable formats easily. To do this go to Google Drive on the desktop, click the gear icon up top, and choose Settings if you want any file you upload there—even PDFs—to convert to text format so that you can edit it as a Google Doc. Then check the box next to “Convert Uploads” in the pop-up menu. It could take a little longer to upload files, but it’s worth it. The image will be added to a Google Doc along with editable content.

5. Create a Quick Link to a File

One of the best and quickest ways to link a file is just by copying and pasting it. Google Drive automatically generates a link to the file. All you need to do is copy (Ctrl+C) the file you need to be linked, then go to wherever you want the link pasted (document, PPT, email, etc.) then paste (Ctrl+V) the file with the full link to the Google Drive file displayed. Or you can use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste only the URL of the file.

6. Overthrow the Attachment Limit on Emails

We all have faced the difficulty of having to attach a file that is heavier than the 25MB limit to an email. Gdrive is here with a solution that will help you send heavier files without hassle. Just upload the file to the drive and send a link instead. That means you can send up to 10 Gigabytes worth of files without ever exceeding the 25 MB attachment restriction.

First, the file(s) must be uploaded to Google Drive storage. By clicking the Google Drive button at the bottom of the Compose email screen, which opens the Insert files using the Google Drive dialogue box, you can insert the link into Gmail. Use the Upload tab to drag and drop the files into your Gdrive first if they are on your hard drive. Google will automatically upload files larger than 25MB to Google Drive and send a link in the email.

7. Prevent Google Drive “Shared With Me” Folder Spam

Because of the connections between Gmail and Google Drive, spam is an issue that extends beyond email. A spammer could easily share a file with you directly from Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets, and it would automatically appear in your Google Drive. On the other hand, spammers could also email you a link to a GDrive file that if clicked would harm your computer or data.

To prevent this search for any files or even entire folders that you know don’t belong in Drive’s Shared With Me view. Select Block with a right-click. There will be an accompanying email address; it is the person you are actually blocking. Go to the Blocklist in the People and Sharing section of your Google account to unblock anyone you mistakenly blocked.

The Wrap-Up

The Drive has everything covered, including hassle-free file storage, efficient syncing, extensive integration with the G-Suite, and Maps. It becomes challenging to outperform Google’s feature-rich cloud storage service when you combine it with the 15 GB of free storage. We hope our list of the best Google Drive tips and tricks will help you fully avail all the cool features this amazing cloud storage service has to offer.

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