Friday, September 25, 2020

TouchPal: Must Have Android Keyboard With Swype, Best Voice Recognition, Predictive Sliding

Are you really annoyed by the performance of your Android keyboard? Tired of typing errors and then just going back and forth! TouchPal is something discovered by more than million users on Google Play Market. It is so far one of the best keyboards available for Android. This unique apps uses some patented technologies by its developers which include predictive sliding, intelligent prediction, mistyping correction, mixed language input and dual-letter layout.

The app is amazingly responsive and holds best voice recognition input technology. We successfully tried voice recognition in different areas and people. It was 100% accurate even with various frequencies. Core features of the app also includes multi-lingual support, dictionary with online update, backup / restore dictionary, sliding on keys to input numbers and symbols quickly. After download and installing the app, navigate to Settings > Local & Text and long hold on input field and select Input Method > TouchPal keyboard.



Keyboard settings, quick settings, and every other feature present can be accessed from the keyboard. Voice recognition quality, and Swype keyboard are very stable features. Prediction text can be turned on and off by sliding on the space bar (left to right, right to left). Language can be changed right from the keyboard rather than going into the settings.



Developers have done great work with the sliding feature. As in ‘T’ and ‘5’ are on the same key, Tap to type T and slide upwards on T letter to type 5. It just does it the way its supposed too! Tap on the Menu shaped button next to settings to access quick shortcut to cut, copy, paste, delete, select, select all and more.



General settings, smart input, languages and dictionary can be managed via the settings menu. Overall a simple and great keyboard, which is easy to use. Great voice recognition capability, sliding keyboard and better Swype adds to the package up-to great extent. Download, give it a try and don’t forget to comment. TouchPal was tested on Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Note.


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  1. amazing keyboard, I have been using it for a while now and it can easily be said this is one of the best ones available. Voice recognition is superb!. Comparing it to SLIDEIT, its fast, more responsive, better GUI and full access to full functionality from the keyboard..

    great review

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