Use FaceTime On 3G Or Any Cellular Network – No WiFi Required [WT Guide]

Have you ever wondered why you can’t use Facetime outside your home WiFi? Well we did, and even found a solution to this problem. Read on and liberate yourself from the WiFi shackles. I did, and now i can even use Facetime even while standing on top of the CN Tower.

Fist of all, make sure your device is Jailbroken and if it is not then click here to  use our guide to Jailbreaking before continuing.

Getting The Free Facebreak Tweak for iPhone and Other iOS devices

On your Jailbroken iOS device, go to Cydia.

Tap on the Manage tab at the bottom of the screen.

Now tap the Edit button on the top right and then tap Add button that shows up on the top left.

A screen pops up. Type into the box and then tap Add Source.

Now tap the Search tab at the bottom of the screen and search for Facebreak.

Paid Version: You can install the paid version for 1.99 and it will appear with blue text.

Free Version: However, if you want the exact same thing for free then tap and install the Facebreak Cracked which would show up at the bottom of the list. This cracked version is thanks to the iSinfulrepo we added above.

20111115-234404.jpg  20111115-234913.jpg

Last step folks, you have installed everything you need to install. There are not going to be any new icons on your screen and this is because Facebreak has been added to your iOS device Settings. It will be present around the middle of the list. Tap on Facebreak and you will be presented with the option to Turn FaceTime over 3G – On / Off. Just turn it ON and leave the Force FT Button Off, don’t ask why but this is the proven setting that works.

That is it, depending on your carrier’s reception area you might get good or bad video quality but WT has put the power in your hands to decide when you may or may not want to video chat. Enjoy 😉

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