Clipchamp – Video Editor Meme Maker for Content Creators

Online content creation has gone wild, especially in the last few years. This has been a go for big names as well as new apps in the market. Our smart devices jagged with these amazing cameras – and the ability to edit and produce amazing videos right from our devices – have taken the whole content creation to another notch. As they say – if a picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth millions or more.

Video content has definitely taken a whole new edge in terms of production as well as consumption. A while back we shared some useful video editing apps for content creators. In this article, we are sharing one amazing video editing tool – which sits on the cloud and has millions of editors accessing professional tools and features such as video editing, resizing screen recording, and green screen effects. It’s called Clipchamp.

Clipchamp - Video Editor Meme Maker for Content Creators

Common Features

Apart from all common features within a video editor – Clipchamp includes some plus unique niche features. Easily resize your videos by changing the aspect ratios in a few clicks. This allows to have better dimensions for different social platforms and post types. The green screen feature allows you to create low-budget CGI effects. Easily replace backgrounds, and add overlays, images, and gifs. PIP or Picture in Picture allows users to add overlay content for example a content author sharing her video gameplay can add an overlay of the author playing the game. Take your storytelling to next level by using the AI voice-over feature. It basically turns text into speech and gives you a selection of narrators to choose from.

video editor meme maker
Clipchamp – App view

If you are an active podcaster – then this feature might sound catchy. Clipchamp comes with an audio visualizer which allows you to produce audiovisual animations that match the track. The tool comes with audio visualizer templates which can be edited and utilized.

Free Video Editor Meme Maker

Add video, music, and text and create video memes using Clipchamp. Utilizing existing stock footage and animated images from GIPHY to create amusing memes. Create free memes/gif images using this feature.

Clipchamp - Video Editor Meme Maker for Content Creators
Clipchamp – Export Screen View

Clipchamp Integrations

Third-party integrations are crucial for web apps. Be it a minimal task of logging in using social login or being able to save my rendered video to Google Drive – it all becomes necessary eventually. Integration with third-party tools works well i.e. I can import a file directly from Google Drive or Box into my project.

Pricing is available here and is not too bad considering the features we get. You can start for free with unlimited video exports and 480p exports to try out. The most popular plan is $19 USD and offers unlimited video exports, 1080p exports, compression, cloud media backup, unlimited audio stock and custom branding.

Access Clipchamp Youtube tutorials

Clipchamp - Video Editor Meme Maker for Content Creators
Made with Clipchamp

WT enjoyed the free run of It is very easy to use – as successfully created a gif/meme using a stock video, text and effects. Do give it a try and share your thoughts.

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