Website Compatibility Test With 50 + Browsers For Linux, Windows, Mac For Free

Our online tools catalogue is going up with the addition of new, creative and useful applications. The core fact which makes them unique and special is that they are to-the-point, easy to navigate and useful. Right now, its compatibility test time. Known as BrowserShots, this tool is a website worth visiting for developers. The concept lies in the fact that you check the website compatibility across available operating systems and browsers.


It can save you tons of time. Rather than loading browsers and manually opening the website to find out about the compatibility, all you are required to do is simply enter the web address and select the required browsers and versions for Linux, Windows and Mac. All available browsers and there corresponding versions are available to perform compatibility test.Website Compatibility Test With 50 + Browsers For Linux, Windows, Mac For Free

Click submit and screenshots will be taken on from each browser. (checked upon in first stage). Time depends on the number of browsers you have selected. If all 90 browsers and versions are selected, results are most likely to be there in 2 to 3 minutes. Have a look at the screen shots from different browsers and do the comparison to work around better with compatibility. Overall a very hand tool which would save developers tons of time, exclusively in compatibility test mode. Do give Browser shots a try and leave a comment regardless.

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