Writesonic: AI Writing Software Reviewed

Writesonic is a powerful AI writing tool for content generation. Aimed at small-business and entrepreneurs let’s dive into the app to see what it has to offer!

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Writesonic Review

Writesonic is mainly marketed as one of the best AI writing assistants for creating social media content. This includes Twitter tweets, Facebooks ads, Instagram captions, LinkedIn Posts, and the like. However, the software isn’t limited to social media content creation only, it can also write SEO-optimized content for articles, blogs, emails, websites, and more. The app also creates plagiarism-free content and works on a credit-based method.

Writesonic has a slew of fantastic features that can boost your productivity and simplify your writing process. Just a few lines in one of the assistant’s content generators will give you a stream of possibilities and ideas. Which will be more than enough to get you started. This will also help you deal with the dreaded writer’s block if you’re ever struggling with inspiration.

Writesonic has grammar and spelling checking software built-in the AI assistant. However, it is not as full-proof as we would like, and other dedicated grammar checkers and proofreaders like Grammarly often mark mistakes in the AI-generated text. So you’ll need to still proofread a bit when writing content using this assistant but that is a given for all AI writing tools. 

Writesonic Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • Short learning curve.
  • Best for creating marketing content.
  • Realistic/Human-like copy generation


  • Lack of writing tone feature.
  • Expensive for writers on a budget.
  • High research-based articles are unreliable.

Writesonic Features

Writesonic has several AI-writing features that are aimed to increase productivity and simplify content generation. Here’s a list of all the key features of the software.

Writesonic: AI Writing Software Reviewed
  • AI Article & Blog Writer: Blog post ideas, outlines, and intros.
  • Paraphrasing Tool: Rewrite/Rephrase articles, blogs, and more.
  • Text Expander: Increase the word length of the given content.
  • Article Summarizer: Generate Summaries of articles, blogs, and more.
  • Product Description Writer.
  • Digital ads & Social Media Content – Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Quora, and more.
  • Grammar Corrector
  • Readability Checker
  • AI Article Idea Generation

Writesonic Interface

Writesonic’s user interface is cutting-edge and aesthetically beautiful. The interface is not overloaded with numerous options and the use of color and design is fairly good. They have a straightforward user interface that is simple to use. The design of the UI makes it so that new users can get a hang of the assistant in a very short time.

Writesonic: AI Writing Software Reviewed

The number of credits that are still on your account is displayed on the left side. You can choose from more than 70 use cases on the main screen, which are divided into several categories including article generation, blogging, marketing, social networking, advertising, business, etc.

Overall, Writesonic’s user interface is fairly simple to use and has a minimal learning curve, so even new users pick it up quickly.

How Does Writesonic Work?

The working of an AI writer can be a bit bewildering for those who don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. AI writing assistants usually utilize several language models in order to master the various rules of language, grammar, style, tone, etc. They browse through vast amounts of information available on the Internet to achieve accuracy. The information is then utilized to predict and generate new sentences.

Writesonic is run by the Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT 3), the most recent language prediction model. GPT 3 is one of the most effective, reliable, and powerful models for AI text production. It uses the inputs given to it to produce outputs of excellent quality.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic uses a credit system for its pricing which can be a bit tedious. Although the Basic package’s 75 credits at $15/m sound good, it can be challenging to determine how many credits you’ll need for each assignment.

Unlimited credits are included in the Professional, Startup, and Agency programs ($45/mo, $95/mo, and $195/mo, respectively).

The yearly pricing option saves you money and comes with two extra months. The AI writing assistant also provides a ten-credit free trial option so that you may test the assistant, and take it for a run before subscribing.

Who is Writesonic Best For?

Writesonic is an AI writing tool with a wide range of options and advanced capabilities that are mainly directed toward marketing. It is great for agency work, eCommerce, start-up marketing, and business-related material. Writesonic excels at crafting concise marketing copy for websites, Facebook ads, and other social media platforms. However, its first outputs often require a bit of polishing and edits before publishing them. But they are great for framework and idea generation as well.

The Wrap-Up

Writesonic AI writer is a great tool for writers looking to increase their productivity with an easy-to-use AI assistant. The software is best suited for content creators and helps simplify the process of generating SEO-optimized, plagiarism-free content. While it can be a bit pricey for writers on a budget, it’s the ease of use is that makes it stands out.

The app is good for both long and short-form content generation. However, it is filled with tons of copywriting features. You have a lot of options to choose from, including writing a quick blog post, using the article rewriter, and creating new headers and descriptions via the software. It can transform concepts into topics, outlines, and actual blog posts that engage readers. This AI writer is highly recommended if you are writing marketing copy for websites and ads and posts for social media.

Hope you liked our review of this cool AI-writing tool. But just in case Writesonic isn’t your cup of tea, check out our list of the Best AI writers of 2022 for more amazing writing assistants.

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