Zombie Defense Is A 3D Game for iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Zombie Defense is a strategy game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game was created by Droomdary LLC.  Zombie Defense is free to download, with the first three nights available. Extra nights after that will cost you.

Zombie Defense 3D Game for Android UsersTo begin with, you will have to prepare four armed survivors of a small Texas town who will be fighting a battle each night and must stay alive for 20 nights. Zombie Defense starts with a defensive segment that allows you to place your sandbags and the few radio controlled bombs you possess. When you are done with the defensive segment, your survivors will have to defend themselves with the help of guns your arm them.

Four Texan survivors needs to grab as many weapons and supplies as they can during the day time. The search ends when the sun goes down. During the night the survivors will have to find new hiding places every night to stay alive as when the sun goes down the hordes are awake. When the night is over, you can search for more weapons with an automatic process and then search a new place to hide for next night, or you can go back to place you set up last night for defense. Staying in one same place for longer is not recommended as the longer you stay there, the more zombies will swarm.

Zombie Defense comes with nice graphics and sound and a great game to play. The weakness with the Zombie defense is that it gets much difficult too quickly and its almost impossible to survive after fourth day though you have been successful so far by keeping the numbers of zombies down.




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