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AI art is on the rise. You must be seeing a lot more AI-generated artsy images on social media these days. There are many mechanisms in place for AI art creation that is driven by machine learning – more so AI. AI uses algorithms which simulate a number of things including brush strokes, paint effects etc. AI art generators and creators available in the market allow users to create realistic images by explaining the art via text input. In this article, we will share some of the best AI Art generators available on the web today.

hypotenuse AI Image Generator

Hypotenuse has a lot of AI offerings for writing, social media, SEO and e-commerce. Not to forget there is also an AI art generator which can be tried out for free. Describe your desired image, and choose type, aesthetics, mood and lighting, articles or style and modifiers. Lastly set an aspect ratio and click generate to create a new AI art.

ai image generator hypotenuse
image generated with image generator

Unlock all features from $29/month. This will enable increased image generation limits, removal of watermarks and full access to AI writing tools.

Hotpot AI Art Maker

Another great free resource called Hotpot – allows free AI art generation by inputting an idea, and defining a style and size. You do need an account to create images and developers mention it to fight spammers.

hotpot ai art generator

This service also has a paid API available and you can buy credits for the commercial use of AI art images. NFTs could be one application of commercial usage. Paid users can also create images in bulk. There is also an extensive AI art gallery which allows users to explore other created art.


Craiyon is free to use AI image generator and was formerly the famous DALL-E mini generator. Input ‘what do you want to see’ and hit create button. Wait for about 2 minutes and visually see your AI-created art and results.

ai art generator craiyon

Read our detailed review on Craiyon.


Artbreeder is more than an AI generator. It allows users to experiment with ideas, publish and share them within the Artbreeder community. You can create images via text input as well as edit images as a collage. The app is completely free but you do need to sign up. Create an account and create images from scratch such as landscapes, portraits, figures, displays pictures etc.

artbreeder ai art generator

You can also edit and use existing images from the Artbreeder gallery using Prosepainter. The app has 3 pricing options available with the most basic one for $8.99/month. It gives you fast image creation, Google drive sync, 80 image uploads, 200 high-resolution downloads and 3000 animation frames.

Dream by WOMBO is an AI Art generator which allows users to create artwork by selecting art style and text input. The app is free to use and is also available for Android and iOS. You do need an account to save and share your creation with the community or social media but you can download the creation for free. Other features include uploading an image for reference for AI art generation and being able to remix your NFTs.

dream by wombo ai art generator

Once you create an account, you will gain 5 free credits. More credits can be purchased and there are promos on credit packs. Click Create and enter the prompt for the AI art to be generated. You can define styles and even upload an image as a starting point. Advanced settings allow you to set canvas size, and define the model and run time. Runtime configurations will require you to have enough credits. You can also select multiple styles as a part of the creation process. The process takes 2 minutes and all active / completed creations will be visible under ‘my creations’.

starry ai art generator
Image created using

Starry has an iOS and Android app available.

NightCafe AI Art Generator

Nightcafe is another awesome and simple-to-use AI art generator. There are quite a few creation methods available as you land on the app. After selecting the creation method, describe what you want to create via the text prompt and choose a style. There are a lot of styles available to choose from and you can also modify certain elements by enabling advanced options.

Best AI Art Generators
image generated with NightCafe AI Art generator

Similar to other apps, you can buy credits to unblock features. 100 credits per month start from $9.99 USD. Find more in Nightcafe subscriptions. Free account creation gives you 8 credits to start off with.

Wonder AI Art Generator

Wonder is an app available on Android that allows you to turn words into digital artwork. Simply describe what you want to create, pick a style and let the app do its magic. The app is doing rounds on mobile AI art creation space and has more than a million downloads so far.

CF Spark Art

Creative Fabrica, a provider of creativity and productivity tools has a unique AI art generator offering. It’s called Spark Art and allows users to create AI art via a text prompt (similar to other art generators). Buy a subscription to speed up art generation. This will give speed credits which allow you to skip the queue and get to your results.

ai art generator
Image generated with CF Spart Art

App also allows you to select an aspect ratio (1:1,9:16, 2:3, 4:5 etc.) before you hit go. Spark Art has a community tied within it – which creates a sharing echo system. You can view the community feed and also define a personal feed.

Lastly, these were our top pics for AI art generators available in the market now. We are going to see these tools flourish and improve and new ones come out. Thanks for reading and do comment on your favorite AI art generation tool.

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  1. I wanted to do a piece of this, especially after the recent Loab meme that’s been haunting twitter, but I guess you beat me to it! 😀 Great piece. I have used Wombo a while back for fun, haven’t tried the others yet. Hypotenuse AI generated image looks really good!

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