Best SVG Wave Generators

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best SVG wave generators. For most of you who have been reading along so far, you’ll remember that we covered some best SVG background generators. That article was not tied to a specific form of these free SVG generators. Designers and coders alike are turning to these generators to get the desired results and save time. Without any delay, let’s look into some of the best SVG wave generators which will allow you to create wavey backgrounds for different needs.

Getwaves is one cool wave generator. It’s super easy and fun to use. Once you land on the site, a configuration bar allows you to quickly generate waves and export them as an SVG file or copy the code. svg waves generator

There are three wave types to select from. You can set the direction, color, opacity and wavelength. Of course, not forget there is a randomizer which will consider wave type, color and opacity to generate random waves. This app is now a part of Haikei generators. Read our detailed review here.

SVG Wave Generator

Another great option is the SVG wave generator by Magicpattern. It’s free to use and involves line and solid fill type options. Users can create random palettes or define their own. Adjustments can be made to a number of waves, peaks and randomness.

svg wave generator magicpattern

This web app has quite extensive support for export. Apart from SVG, PNG and JPG can also be generated. App has social images support well defined so you can get the right size for LinkedIn right at export.

SVG Wave

Best SVG Wave Generators

SVG Wave is a very intuitive and performant web app. Customize waves, layers and height to generate a wave on the screen. Further, do a quick color selection or add a gradient. You can also change the orientation and not forget – there is our favourite randomizer. Lastly, export the generated wave as an SVG or PNG.

More Awesome SVG Wave Generators

Below is a list with example images of some more free and awesome SVG wave generators.

Hope you enjoyed this read and curation of SVG wave generator tools. Do leave comments and mention any we might have missed. We’d be happy to review. Lastly, if curious about what other similar generators exist in the market, head over to our generators topic.

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