Is Amazon Working on an Android Powered Kindle?

Is Amazon Working on an Android Powered Kindle?

New York Blog system has presented an interesting idea in a post about Amazon. The rumour (or may be an idea) suggests that Amazon is planning to make a bigger splash as they already has dipped the toes in the Android water with an App store for the platform. Amazon has posted five new job […]

A WowTechy Review Of Apple’s iPad 2 running iOS 4.3

Apple iPad2

Apple iPad 2 is so popular these days that it’s not easy to buy . iPad 2 along with its inspiring and remarkable hardware, iPad 2 comes with some rough edges and weak spots as far as the current software release is concerned by AppleInsider. iPad2 can be said to be a very insistent increase […]

HTC EVO3D And HTC EVO View 4G Specs [Rumors]


Sprint will be showing its Android line up CTIA show next week. Sprint is expected to announce devices including HTC EVO 3D, HTC EVO View 4G. After the success of EVO 4G, now the EVO ED is one of the most Android phones of 2011. Though HTC’s line up has not been confirmed yet but […]

White Diamonds Cases For iPhone And iPads

White Diamond Case

If you want to add some style and shine to your iPhone 4 or original iPad, check out White Diamonds. White Diamonds makes artistic print cases inflated with Swarovski crystals, for iPhone4 and iPad. White Diamonds cases consist of clear plastic frames that are designed beautifully with artistic, crystal enhanced back plates. A variety of […]

AT&T Is Acquiring T-Mobile For $39 Billion

AT&T buying T Mobile

Readers of tech blog know well that for the past few years AT&T is not been able to match the network capacity of it’s biggest competitor Verizon and hence is under attack. For now AT&T has taken another path by buying T-Mobiles. AT&T has announced a deal with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile, the country’s […]

Sony Is Spreading Rumors For VAIOS with Thunderbolt; Chrome OS


Through some source it was announced about Sony that it is planning to launch two ultraportable VAIOS; Hybrid PC and an 11.6 inch Chrome OS netbook. Hybrid PC could be Sony’s direct answer to the MacBook Air. Hybrid PC would be a swift, ultra light with a weight of just under 2.5 pounds. Other features include: -Corei7 […]

Got iPad2 Display Problems And Wondering What To Do?

iPad2 Display Problem

iPad 2 has two distinct problems “yellow displays” or “backlight bleed” may be due to a manufacturing problem. Some users reported that light is leaking around the edges of the display and that’s mostly visible when viewing some darker images. If one of yours iPad2 has a display problem too, don’t return the device. Here […]

HTC Thunderbolt Gets rooted – Advantages And Disadvantages

HTC Thunderbolt Rooted

HTC Thunderbolt has been rooted after just being available. And IRC developers spent the last 72 hours preparing the new HTC Thunderbolt for custom ROMs, not an easy job at all. Today they have finally succeeded to root HTC Thunderbolt but for many this victory is bittersweet. For other Thunderbolt users this may be good as this […]

Archos’s Plan Of Tablet 9 Generation Launch Gets Delayed

Archos Tablet 9 Generation

French company Archos has been making portable multimedia players and for more than 10 years, but in the last few years they have create a name for it in making the low cost Android tablet space. The company has announced plans for its next generation of Android tablets a few weeks ago. Archos said they continue […]