Soon Android Will Win From Apple In Tablet War

Tablet War Between Android And iPhone

The world of technology is on its zoom and boom. It is not incorrect to say that Android is leading from Apple in the race of tablet today by talkAndroid. History proves the words. Moreover the media justifies the same argument. We can enlist the embarking of Android against all the other companies. The ever […]

Android Vs iPhone Revenue Generation For Pocket Legends Game

Revenue Generation By game Marker

Android vs iOS  comparison for Pocket Legends Game  revenue yields certain hard facts regarding market revenue generated by iPhone and Android. Moreover it is declared that due to varied bases more revenue is gathered through iPhone. The credit goes to the superb qualities of iPhone competitors to Android applications. The applications of any sort of Android […]

Checking The Fatest Load Time: iPhone Or Android?

Android And iPhone Comparison For Loading Webpages

It is acknowledged worldwide that while downloading any kind of WebPages Android takes two third lesser times than iPhone. This fact is observed while comparing the world top two mobile OSes’ performance. The experiment was done by mobile-website–optimization company It undertook more than 40,000 download of web pages regarding the Fortune 1000 companies. The […]

Yetisports Penguin X Run Is An Android Game For Pleasure Seekers

Yetisports Another Game for Android Users

With the amazing venture of designing a cell phone, one was easily captivated with the fact that the phone required no cables. However, towards the end of the 20th century, cellular phones started to modernize, and people wanted more out of their cell phones. This need to yield entertainment out of technological advancement paved the […]

Catch A Ghost Game For Android Users

Catch A Ghost An Android Game

Catch a Ghost, an Android game was designed by Paul Schreiber. It’s a simple and fun action game released by Unity for Android platform. Game is based on the idea of Halloween and all you need to do is to catch the ghosts as they are trying to escape the cemetery. The more ghosts you catch, […]

Skee Hoops A Unity 3D Game For Android and iPhone Users

Skee Hoops A game For Android And iPhone

Skee Hoops is released by Hairy Monster Studios, their latest game made exclusively for the iPad (Android OS 2.x or later). The game is made with elegant graphics and the Ageia PhysX engine, one of the most advanced physics engine for Android. Skee Hoops is not just another arcade game, it’s a twist combining Skee-Ball with […]

New Questions About The Nintendo 3DS, Rockmelt, And Mobile Wallets

An Article of The Nintendo 3DS by Fly Or Die

This week’s Fly or Die tried to tackle many questions about The Nintendo 3DS that comes to mind like, Is the new Nintendo 3DS all that? Does Rockmelt have a chance? Will mobile wallets ever be adopted by real people in real stores? The 3D play is immersive and exciting. Now you can enjoy all new, amazing and immersive experience […]

General Motors Suspends All Nonessential Spendings

GM Curtails Spending Money For Japan Crisis

The effects of crisis in Japan have not spared the technology industry. Suzanne Cosgrove, CHICAGO, March 19 (Reuters) states that General Motors Co (GM.N) has poised all the unnecessary expenditures and global travel while the automaker reviewed the impersonation of what all happened in Japan on the company, a GM spokesman has announced on Saturday. […]

Blog Outreach: An Email Template

Blog Outreach Email Template

Blog outreach as you all might know is a specific term that refers to pitching bloggers regarding your product or services latest release so that they review and give positive feedback to blog readers. It is a sort of Win-Win situation for both bloggers and product/services providers. Recently I had to write a short test […]