First Impression For Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has announced its own cloud-based media streaming service– Amazon cloud player. “Amazon cloud player” is an entry of into the music streaming world. Now you don’t have to be limited to stream an encoded music (e.g. Pandora, Spotify), rather you can upload up load your existing music library and stream it from any computer … Read more

Slide Launches Disco That Is A Google-Owned Group Text App For iPhone

Slide Launches Disco That Is A Google-Owned Group Text App For iPhone

You may have heard some rumors that Google is in a process to develop a secret Group Messaging project called Disco. Apparently, Disco is a free app that was developed by Slide, which was bought by Google last year for around $ 182 million and is currently operating independently with the search giant Google. So … Read more

How to Root Verizon HTC Thunderbolt on Mac OS X

HTC Thunderbolt

As we have rooted the HTC Thunderbolt on Windows. Now we discus that how you will root your HTC Thunderbolt on a Mac OS X as stated . To root Thunderbolt following instruction will be followed: Requirements: Android SDK installed, Root Kit, Older Firmware and Custom Firmware. Instructions: Download the Android SDK, Root Kit, Older … Read more

Google’s Android Bear-Hug For LG:New LG/Nexus Tablets Coming Soon?

Used BearyBigHug Poem

Google is known well to hold another CE company every few months. Google has provided manufacturer resources and manpower to HTC and GI to produce a powerful contest in the Smartphone race. This was just the beginning; Google then continued with Motorola for the Droid then accompanied Samsung for longer. The Android  ‘Bear-Hug’ make manufacturer … Read more

100 Top World Wonders Is An Android Application

World Wonders An Android App

If you ever wonder and are interested to know a list of the worlds ‘top 100’ everything.  XIMAD Inc. Has released a new Android App ‘100 World Wonders’. A spectacular Android application 100 World Wonders will help you to discover the world’s “top” and even more. All the information about the top 100 is available for you … Read more

Aniworld Is A Fun Android Application For Your Child

Android App For Children

Child development specialist has developed Aniworld-a fun and interactive Android application for children by the name of Aniworld and assimilates deductive methodologies based on interactive experience. The app encourages the child to proactively explore the animal kingdom and let your child learn more about animals interactively. Child of various ages can reveal different screens and capabilities … Read more

Dual-Screen Iconia “Touchbook”- Released By Acer

Acer Iconia TouchBook

A much anticipated dual screen tablet “Touchbook” has been released by Acer- combined the power of Intel Core i5 processing with the familiarity of Windows 7. Touchbook being the first and only tablet that offers touch-enabled 14-inch high-definition widescreen LED backlit LCDs made of high-strength Gorilla Glass that allow for typing, multi-touch, and gestures. With … Read more

Sprint Officially Opposes T-Mobile/AT&T Merger

AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

AT&T announced its deal to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for £24 billion ($39 billion) earlier this month, in a move that would create the largest mobile operator in the US. Today in a press release Sprint has stated their official opposition to the proposed AT&T/T-Mo merger, calling it an “anti-competitive acquisition”. Sprint being … Read more

appMobi’s Updation Platform Is Hitting On Mobile Payments, Multimedia Push Notifications And Analytics

appmobi updation

Web developers are now warmly welcomed to application stores and Android market. appmobi has launched the mobile application development XDK for the web developers. If ever there is any possibility to work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can now use appmobi to create an application for the iPhone, iPad and all Android smart phones … Read more